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Looking for lessons?


I offer private, safe, in-person instruction on Fiddle, Violin, Mandolin, and Guitar. I teach at home in Greensboro, PA, and at Atkins Music Center in Connellsville, PA.


Not local or prefer virtual? No problem! I also offer virtual lessons via Zoom.


I work with all ages and skill levels, with an emphasis on listening, theory, technique, and improvisation. Lessons are tailored to each student's individual interests and styles. 

Visit my contact page for inquiries


Check out these real testimonials from real students and parents! 

"Ray Bruckman instructing our child is one of the best decisions we've made as parents. Our son is so happy and motivated after a lesson with Ray; his positivity is stellar. It's humbling to witness such a talented musician who so ably relates to and teaches our son how to make beautiful music. We know that through such excellent training and inspiration, we're giving our son a priceless and lasting gift. This is not our child's first music teacher but given a choice, he would be our last." 

"We started with Fiddlin' Ray Bruckman prior to the onset of the covid situation.  During these personal lessons, I was encouraged with the fun but serious and disciplined approach he took with my son who, up to that point had been rather lax with his violin technique. As an amateur musician myself, I was very pleased to see the almost immediate improvement in the sound quality in his playing, due to Ray's instruction.  As quarantine became routine, Ray's professional transition to virtual lessons was nearly seamless, and he has continued to be a strong and influential teacher for my son throughout this time.  Ray's experience as a member of a professional band is clear as he is able to give not only textbook instruction but also practical stage and performance instruction as well.  I know that the lessons and techniques that Ray is teaching my son will last throughout his lifetime, and we are looking forward to the continued development of our own little fiddler!   Thanks Ray for everything!" 


-Jason Joseph

"Ray is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend lessons with him! I had years of experience playing the violin, but hadn't played in over 10 years when I decided to get back into it and start lessons with Ray. My skills were VERY rusty, so I needed help with some of the basics and Ray was great at helping me see exactly what I needed to do. As I progressed and things started coming back to me, I needed a teacher who would continue to help me learn and grow and Ray did just that. The lessons were much more than just getting assigned a new song to learn each week. In just a few months of lessons I felt like I learned more than in years of playing when I was young. His teaching style made the lessons not just instructive and informative, but also very enjoyable. So no matter your skill level, I 10/10 recommend lessons with Ray!"

"Being a technologically challenged senior citizen, I was skeptical of online music lessons. But Ray handled all the set-up details, walked me through any problems, and is a great teacher! Plus online lessons means you don't have to worry about driving to the music store and parking, you can sit there and practice right up to the moment your lesson starts! To make the most of your experience, choose a place in your home to practice that is quiet and has an ergonomic layout with lots of room for your laptop and music books! I originally considered online lessons a temporary solution during the Covid crisis, but I have no desire to switch to the traditional method. I think you'll really enjoy it!"

- KittyJ

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